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SMD triode division

Source: Industry News Editor: PingShang Click: Release time: 2022-01-17 10:13:57

SMD triode division

Now there are different styles, types, performances, materials, etc. of triodes on the market. A triode refers to a semiconductor device that controls current with current, which amplifies weak signals and acts as a non-contact. SMD triode has the unique advantages of firm structure, small size, long life and low power consumption during use. The SMD triode has an important parameter, that is, the current amplification factor. The SMD triode can also be used as an electronic switch to cooperate with other electronic components to form an oscillator. When replacing the SMD triode, it is necessary to understand the performance, structure or special requirements of the original tube.文章配图07

SMD triodes are divided into NPN type triodes and PNP type triodes according to their polarity. SMD triodes are divided into silicon triodes and germanium triodes according to their materials, and are divided into low frequency triodes and high frequency triodes according to the working frequency of SMD triodes. The power of the triode is divided into: low-power triode, medium-power triode, and high-power triode. According to the use of SMD triode, it is divided into: amplifier tube and switch tube. Due to the different classifications of SMD triodes, the performance and functions are also different. In the actual use of SMD triodes, appropriate choices can be made according to needs to meet different needs.

SMD transistors are often used in switching power supply circuits, high-frequency oscillation circuits, drive circuits, analog-to-digital conversion circuits, pulse circuits and output circuits. When the voltage applied to the emitter junction of the chip triode is greater than the turn-on voltage of the PN junction, and the base current of the chip triode increases to a certain extent, the collector current will no longer increase with the increase of the base current, but will be in It does not change near a certain value. SMD transistors and plug-in transistors have the same function, but the packaging of the transistors is different. The chip triode is smaller in shape, saves space and eliminates manual plug-ins.