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Application of high-voltage smd capacitor in circuits

Source: Industry News Editor: PingShang Click: Release time: 2021-01-30 10:47:19

    The materials of high-voltage smd capacitor are also divided into X7R, X5R, NPO or COG. The applications of different materials are also different. X7R is a high dielectric constant type medium, X5R is a semiconductor type medium, and NPO (COG) is a temperature compensation type medium.

    The first is the X7R high-voltage smd capacitor, which is a kind of ferroelectric, so it can produce a high-voltage smd with a larger capacitance than NPO dielectric

capacitance. In practical applications, the working performance of this high-voltage smd capacitor is relatively stable, and in the process of temperature, voltage and time, its unique performance changes are not obvious

It is a type of stable capacitor material, so it is often used in DC blocking, coupling, bypass, filter circuits and medium and high frequency circuits with high reliability requirements.

    X5R dielectric high-voltage smd capacitor. The dielectric material used in this high-voltage capacitor is X5R, which has a high dielectric

Constant, so it is often used to produce large-capacity capacitor products with larger specific capacitance and higher nominal capacitance. Mainly used in electronic complete machines

In the oscillation, coupling, filtering and bypass circuits.

    NPO dielectric high-voltage smd capacitor. This NP0 material is also called COG.

The electrical performance of the body is currently the most stable, and basically does not change with temperature, voltage, and time. Therefore, it is often used for stability and reliability in the summary of practical applications.

In high frequency, UHF, and VHF circuits with high performance requirements.

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