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Advantages and disadvantages of chip tantalum capacitors

Source: Industry News Editor: PingShang Click: Release time: 2022-01-17 10:30:44

Advantages and disadvantages of chip tantalum capacitors

SMD tantalum capacitors are a type of electrolytic capacitors and are mostly used in electronic products, especially some products with high-density assembly and small internal space, such as mobile phones. SMD tantalum capacitors use metal tantalum as the anode material, which can be divided into two types: foil type and tantalum sintered powder type according to the anode structure.

In tantalum capacitors, they can be divided into solid electrolyte tantalum capacitors and non-solid electrolyte tantalum capacitors due to different working electrolytes. Solid tantalum electrolytic capacitors are used in a large amount. Since tantalum capacitors use metal tantalum as the dielectric, they do not need to use electrolytes like ordinary electrolytic capacitors. In addition, the chip tantalum capacitor does not need to be fired with aluminum-coated capacitor paper like ordinary electrolytic capacitors, so it has almost no inductance, but it also limits its capacity. In addition, there is no electrolyte inside the chip tantalum capacitor, which is very suitable for working at high temperature.60a38827d383c266d11704ea9c221e2

Its advantages are: small size, wide operating temperature range, high temperature resistance, long life, high insulation resistance, small leakage current, small capacity error, small equivalent series resistance (ESR), and good high-frequency performance.

Its shortcomings are: the withstand voltage is not high enough, the current is small, and the price is expensive.

SMD tantalum capacitor products are mainly used in: power supply products, lighting equipment, automotive electronics, medical equipment, intelligent products, network communication equipment, instrumentation, automation equipment and many other fields.

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