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The role of smd capacitors in electronic products

Source: Company Dynamics Editor: PingShang Click: Release time: 2021-11-16 11:46:32

As a passive component, smd capacitors are often used in electronic products, so what role it can play, let's look at the role in detail.


1. Filtering: The larger the capacitance, the smaller the impedance, and the higher the passing frequency. Sometimes you will see a large electrolytic capacitor with a small capacitor connected in parallel. At this time, the large capacitor is connected to the low frequency and the small capacitor is connected to the high frequency. The function of the capacitor is to pass high impedance and low impedance, and pass high frequency to block low frequency. The larger the capacitance, the easier it is to pass low frequencies, and the larger the capacitance, the easier it is to pass high frequencies. Specifically used in filtering, large capacitors filter low frequencies, and small capacitors filter high frequencies.


2. Bypass: The energy storage device that provides energy can make the output of the voltage stabilizer uniform and reduce the load demand. Like a small rechargeable battery, the bypass capacitor can be charged and discharged to the device. In order to minimize the impedance, the bypass capacitor should be as close as possible to the power supply pin and ground pin of the load device. This can well prevent the ground potential rise and noise caused by the input value being too large.


3. Decoupling: From the circuit point of view, the load capacitance is relatively large, and the drive circuit needs to charge and discharge the capacitor to complete the signal jump. When the rising edge is relatively steep, the current is relatively large, so the drive current will absorb a lot Compared with normal conditions, this current is actually a kind of noise, which will affect the normal operation of the previous stage. The decoupling capacitor acts as a battery to meet the change of the drive circuit current and avoid mutual coupling interference.

Combining bypass capacitors and decoupling capacitors will make it easier to understand. The bypass capacitor is actually decoupling, which is to improve a low-impedance leakage prevention method for high-frequency switching noise.


4. Energy storage: The charge is collected through the rectifier, and the stored energy is transferred to the output terminal of the power supply through the lead of the converter. According to different power requirements, it can be connected in series, parallel, or a combination of them. For power supplies with a power level of more than 10KW, larger tank-shaped screw terminal capacitors are usually used.


Based on the above, everyone has a certain purpose to understand when purchasing Samsung capacitors. To purchase high-quality chip capacitors, you can contact Pingshang Technology.