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How to replace the non marked chip capacitors?

Source: FAQ Editor: PingShang Click: Release time: 2021-11-13 11:42:06

The naming rules of chip capacitors are similar to those of resistors. However, there is generally no printing on chip chip capacitors, which is related to his production process (chip capacitors are made by high-temperature sintering, so there is no way to print on its surface), while chip resistors are made by silk printing (can Printing mark). So the black silk-screened ones are resistors.

1. According to the maintenance statistics, the probability of damage to this type of capacitor is very small. In the past, when the power supply board was designed, because the board was a bit special, the capacitor was too close to the heat dissipation part of the voltage regulator tube, and there was a short-circuit phenomenon of this type of capacitor. If this type of capacitor only has a small amount of leakage, use a capacitor meter to measure the capacity and there will be no difference. Find a capacitor with the same capacity and withstand voltage and replace it.


2. If the capacitor is really bad, such as a short circuit or an open circuit, you can analyze the role of the capacitor in the circuit to determine it. If it is a filter (usually there is such a filter next to each chip in the digital circuit) Capacitors are available from 1000pF to 10000pF). When replacing, it does not matter if you choose from 1000pF to 10000pF, and even if you remove it, there is no problem.


3. If the capacitor is used as a part of the oscillating circuit, such as this type of capacitor used in switching power supplies, usually this capacitor is used in conjunction with other resistors to determine an oscillating frequency, and a chip is indispensable, then we can download the DATASHEET of this chip, DATASHEET usually gives examples of peripheral component parameters, and replacing capacitors with reference to this example will not deviate to much.

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