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Small knowledge of SMD power inductors

Source: Company Dynamics Editor: PingShang Click: Release time: 2021-11-13 11:35:34

Overview: SMD inductors are also called: power inductors, high current inductors.


1. Surface mount high power inductors.

2. Features of miniaturization, high energy storage and low resistance.

3. Mainly used in computer display boards, notebook computers, pulse memory programming, and DC-DC converters.

4. Reel packaging is available for automatic surface mounting.


Structure and coil technology realize low DC impedance and high allowable current;

Application of automatic surface loading with excellent weldability and environmental resistance;

Suitable for reflow soldering;

European RoHS certification;

Lead-free terminals;

贴片功率电感 (2)

The main parameters:

1. Error/precision

2. Inductance value: refers to the value of the road inductance tested at a frequency of 100Khz. So **different sense values are also slightly different

3. Self-resonant frequency: the frequency point where the inductance and the rich inductance form resonance. Therefore, in use, do not use the self-resonant frequency.

4. DC inductance: a large DCR value of winding inductance will cause heating

5. Saturation current: the current value when the inductance value drops by 30%

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