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What are the requirements for a good precision resistor?

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A good precision resistor must have the characteristics of small aging, small temperature drift, and small deviation. At the same time, it must have high reliability, large power margin, small temperature rise, low noise, small series inductance distributed capacitance, small voltage coefficient, welding, Vibration and stretching are not easy to change.

Of course, the important parameter related to the benchmark is aging, followed by the temperature coefficient. Therefore, the important basis for the following ranking is aging, followed by temperature coefficient. As for whether the resistance is 1%, 0.1%, or 0.01%, this is just a deviation and does not directly represent the degree of "precision". What is "aging"? Aging refers to long-term stability, that is, the change in resistance after a relatively long period of time (such as 1 year) when placed on a shelf under normal temperature and pressure. Therefore, aging is often expressed by the number of ppm changes per year. Aging is therefore an irreversible process, just like human aging, it will never recover to the original.

What is "Wen Piao"? Temperature drift is the change in resistance of a resistor with temperature. Since the general resistance temperature drift is not large, it is often expressed by how many ppm changes per degree, which is the temperature coefficient. If the temperature coefficient of a resistor is +100ppm/℃, the resistance increases by 0.01% for every 1 degree increase in temperature. Similarly, a negative temperature coefficient means that the resistance of a resistor decreases with increasing temperature. When talking about the temperature coefficient, sometimes the following /℃ is omitted. For example, the temperature coefficient of a resistor is 8ppm, which means 8ppm/℃. There are actually many precision resistors in the domestic market, but there is a mixed bag. How to distinguish which resistors are excellent resistors and are therefore worth considering? After a large number of purchases and tests, some results were obtained.

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