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SMD capacitor medical device application

Source: Industry News Editor: PingShang Click: Release time: 2021-11-12 10:34:01

In recent years, driven by our Chinese policies and technologies, the demand for smart healthcare in my country has continued to grow, and the market scale has expanded rapidly. According to the "Research Report on China's Smart Medical Industry Market Prospects in 2020" released by the China Business Industry Research Institute, the sales scale of China's smart medical market in 2020 will exceed 70 billion yuan, and it is expected to approach 120 billion yuan by 2021. The broad development prospects of the smart medical market are attracting more and more companies to join it. As a manufacturer of electronic components, Pingshang Technology responds to the development needs of the smart medical field by providing small, high-reliability products.

Take the medical device management application as an example. With the strengthening of UDI regulations, the demand for serial number management of medical devices has flourished. This product is a new type of small-volume product that can be attached to most surgical instruments. It is a product with small size and powerful performance in similar applications.


The patch is used for high-strength fixation on surgical instruments, which can effectively manage the closed-loop circulation of surgical instruments. Pingshang Technology's medical-grade component products: diverse varieties and reliable performance. As a manufacturer that uses excellent electronic raw materials, designs and manufactures advanced electronic components and multi-functional high-density modules, it has decades of history and has developed A variety of electronic component products have been developed to fully meet the needs of different scenarios and different types of use from the smart medical field.

Our chip capacitors are thin, highly reliable, and have the characteristics of high voltage, temperature, aging, and high stability of electrostatic capacity. They can be used in cardiac pacemakers, defibrillators, plug-in nerve stimulation devices, and artificial organs. , Prosthesis (artificial heart, artificial omentum, myoelectric prosthetic hand, etc.), life support equipment and other fields are being implanted by more and more pacemakers, hearing aids, monitoring equipment, eye implants, etc. in the European and American markets. Accepted by classified medical customers.

In recent years, the data communication of medical devices is becoming more and more popular. Medical devices not only need to be equipped with communication functions, but also must have small size and long-running SMD capacitor elements. However, reducing the size of components and increasing the size of the battery contradict each other, so designers are also racking their brains. Our electronic component products meet these conditions with superior performance. Welcome to consult and understand!