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How big is the 470 chip resistor?

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The resistance of the 470 chip resistor is 47 ohms

Calculation formula: abx=ab*10^x aRb=a.b ohms such as 4R7=4.7 ohms Rab=0.ab such as R47=0.47 ohms

470= 47*10^0=47 ohms; 471=47*10^1=470 ohms

Digital cable position nominal method: general rectangular chip resistors use this nominal method

The digital cable position nominal method is to use three digits on the resistor body to indicate its resistance. Its one and second digits are significant digits, and the third digit indicates the number of "0"s added after the significant digits. No letters will appear in this one.

For example: "472'" means "4700Ω"; "151" means "150Ω". If it is a decimal, use "R" to mean "decimal point". It occupies one significant digit, and the remaining two are significant digits.

For example: "2R4" means "2.4Ω"; "R15" means "0.15Ω".

5 (2)

Color ring nominal method: general cylindrical fixed resistors use this nominal method

SMD resistors are the same as general resistors. Most of them use four rings (sometimes three rings) to indicate their resistance. The first ring and the second ring are valid numbers, and the third ring is the magnification. For example: "brown, green and black" means "15Ω"; "blue, gray, orange and silver" means "68kΩ" with an error of ±10%.

E96 number code and letter mixed nominal method: The number code and letter mixed nominal method also use three digits to indicate the resistance value, that is, "two digits and one letter", and the two digits indicate the E96 series resistance appendix table 2. Its third digit is the magnification expressed by the letter code. For example: "51D" means "332×103; 332kΩ"; "249Y" means "249×10-2; 2.49".

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