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Pingshang Technology and share how to buy chip resistors

Source: Company Dynamics Editor: PingShang Click: Release time: 2021-11-05 11:23:14

Principles of choosingchip resistors

1. Choose according to the characteristics of the circuit

High-frequency circuit: The smaller the distribution parameter, the better. High-frequency resistors such as metal film resistors and metal oxide film resistors should be used.

Low-frequency circuit: both wire-wound resistors and carbon film resistors are applicable.

Decoupling circuit, filter circuit: There is no strict requirement on resistance change, any type of resistor is applicable.

Power amplifier circuit, bias circuit, sampling circuit: The circuit has relatively high requirements for stability, and a resistor with a small temperature coefficient should be selected.

2. Choose according to the resistance and error of the resistor

Resistance selection: The principle is that the difference between the nominal resistance of the resistor used and the required resistance is as small as possible.

Error selection: The error of the resistor required by the time constant RC circuit is as small as possible. Generally, within 5% can be selected. For the decoupling circuit, the feedback circuit, the filter circuit, and the load circuit have not too high requirements for errors. Optional 10%-20% resistors.


3. Select according to the limit parameters of the resistor

Rated voltage: When the actual voltage exceeds the rated voltage, even if the power requirements are met, the resistor will be damaged by breakdown.

Rated power: The rated power of the selected resistor should be more than twice the actual withstand power to ensure the long-term reliability of the resistor in the circuit.

The following principles must be paid attention to:

1. Resistance stability

2. Working frequency

3. Load characteristics

4. Non-linear resistance

5. Noise

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