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What is the difference between tantalum capacitors and ceramic chip capacitors?

Source: FAQ Editor: PingShang Click: Release time: 2021-10-25 11:32:53

The main reason why there are so many different types of capacitors is that they have certain differences; not only in materials, but also in design principles, working principles, and structures. So what are the differences between tantalum capacitors and ceramic chip capacitors? Next, Pingshang Technology will introduce these two types of capacitors in detail.

The difference between tantalum capacitors and ceramic chip capacitors:

Let me first introduce the characteristics of tantalum capacitors: long life, high temperature resistance, high accuracy, and excellent performance in filtering high frequency and changing waves. It can work normally under very high temperature and voltage, and is often used for high frequency filtering. However, the electrical capacity of the ceramic patch is relatively small, and the withstand voltage and current capabilities are relatively weak.


Tantalum capacitors are mainly used to filter and stabilize the current at low frequencies. The difference between a vertical capacitor and a chip capacitor is whether it is a plug-in or a SMD installation process. The capacitor itself is erected on the PCB. The difference is the SMD process installation. There is a black rubber base. The main function is to clear the crosstalk of various high-frequency signals generated by the chip itself to other chips, so that each chip module can work normally without interference in the high-frequency electronic oscillation circuit.

Compared with ceramic capacitors, SMD tantalum capacitors have capacitance and withstand voltage marks on their surface, and their surface colors are usually yellow and black. For example, 100-16 means that the capacity is 100μF and the withstand voltage is 16V.

The difference between tantalum capacitor and ceramic chip capacitor is introduced here. I hope you can judge whether it is replaceable based on these differences when purchasing or replacing it. Don't replace it at will, so as not to affect the operation effect and performance guarantee.