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Samsung capacitor withstand voltage value, marking method large inventory

Source: Industry News Editor: PingShang Click: Release time: 2021-10-27 09:06:53

In the field of electronic components, international brands have become the leading brands in the consumer market, but for imported brands, in order to be able to accurately identify and purchase, there will be special identification methods. Pingshang Technology takes you to understand how to identify the withstand voltage of Samsung SMD capacitors.

Some Samsung capacitors only use a combination of a number and an English letter to mark their rated DC working voltage. Such as: 1H, 2E, 2G, 3A, etc. The number represents the index of 10, and the English letters represent different values (unit V).

Commonly used ones are: A means 1.0; B means 1.25; C means 1.6; D means 2.0; E means 2.5; F means 3.15; G means 4.0; H means 5.0; J means 6.3. Example: 393KH and 224J/1H, where 393 and 244 indicate the capacity of the capacitor, K and J indicate the error of the capacitor, and H and 1H have the same meaning, which means 101*5.0=50V. Another example: 2E104, 104 means capacity, 2E means 102*2.5=250V.


The basic unit is P, and the auxiliary units are G, M, and N. The conversion relationship is: 1G=1000UF; 1M=1UF=1000PF; notation method: usually not a decimal point, but a unit integer to separate the decimal part. For example: 6G8=6.8G=6800UF; 2P2=2.2PF; M33=0.33UF; 68n=0. 068UF Some capacitors are represented by numbers, the first 2 digits of the number are two significant digits, and the third significant digit is "zero" Number. The digital suffixes J (5%), K (10%), and M (20%) represent the error level. For example, 222K=2200PF+10%, special care should be taken not to mix J, K, M with the Chinese resistor mark, let alone mistake the capacitor for a resistor.

I believe that after understanding the Samsung SMD capacitor identification method, you can clearly know how to identify the withstand voltage of imported capacitors. These are the basic common sense that must be mastered when buying, and they are also the key to ensuring that the choice is correct.