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How much do you know about Samsung chip capacitors!

Source: News Editor: PingShang Click: Release time: 2021-10-19 11:09:22

Samsung chip capacitorsare the most popular brand in capacitors. Whether it is automotive electronics or smart home appliances, Samsung chip capacitors are used on the circuit boards of these objects. So how much do you know about Samsung chip capacitors? Below, Pingshang Technology will take you to understand.

Regarding the basic parameters of Samsung SMD capacitors, we are divided into the following points:

1. Capacity and error

The actual capacitance and the nominal capacitance allowable large deviation range, the generally used capacity error is: J grade soil 5%, K grade ± 10%, M grade ± 20%, the allowable error of precision capacitors is small, while electrolytic capacitors The accuracy of commonly used capacitors is indicated by letters: Class D-±0.5%; Class F-±1%; Class G-±2%; Class J-±5%; Class K-±10%; M grade one ± 20%.

2. Rated working voltage

It can work stably and reliably for a long time in the circuit. The large DC voltage it bears is also called withstand voltage. For devices with the same structure, medium, and capacity, the higher the withstand voltage, the larger the volume.

3. Within the temperature range, for every 1°C temperature change, the smaller the relative change value, the better the temperature coefficient.

4. Insulation resistance

It is used to indicate the magnitude of leakage. Generally, the insulation resistance of small-capacity capacitors is very large. At hundreds of megaohms or several gigaohms, the insulation resistance of electrolytic capacitors is generally small. Relatively speaking, the larger the insulation resistance, the better, and the leakage is also small. .

5. Loss

Under the action of an electric field, the energy consumed by heating in a unit time mainly comes from dielectric loss and metal loss, which is usually expressed by the loss tangent value.

3. Frequency characteristics

The property that electrical parameters change with the frequency of the electric field. For capacitors that work under high frequency conditions, since the dielectric constant is lower at high frequencies than at low frequencies, the capacitance decreases accordingly, and the loss increases with the increase in frequency.


Service life of Samsung chip capacitors:

There are many factors that affect the service life, which are related to the ambient temperature around the work. Each specification of capacitance and resistance has a specified product operating temperature range. The temperature cannot be too high or too low. We need to strictly implement this parameter, otherwise it will affect Service life; service life is also related to the working time. At this time, we must take good control of its working time.

The above is a brief introduction to Samsung SMD capacitors. For more product requirements, please consult Dongguan Pingshang Technology.

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