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Coup teaches you to identify the true and false of Fenghua SMD capacitors

Source: Company Dynamics Editor: PingShang Click: Release time: 2021-10-14 09:19:50

All capacitor brands on the market have their own naming rules and parameters. Among them, Fenghua Hi-Tech's brand is relatively well-known, and many electronic and digital products in the industry use Fenghua chip capacitors.

Fenghua is a high-quality and low-cost brand, so it is very popular in the chip capacitor market. However, as the products of Fenghua SMD capacitors have gradually become popular, fake and inferior products have appeared in the market. In order to let customers buy and use them at ease, Pingshang Technology will share with you how to use its years of experience. Identify the authenticity of the product.


1. The color of the product plate is milky white, the thickness of the plate is thick, the label position is 10cm wide, the label length is 7cm, and there is about 1.5cm blank on both sides after labeling;

2. The braided viscose is uniformly white;

3. The color of the capacitor seed material is similar to that of Samsung, but it is more yellowish, much lighter than the color of Yageo;

4. Fenghua’s “FH” trademark has been quoted by many dealers. The way to identify the authenticity and keep fresh is to call the marketing department and customer service department of Fenghua Hi-Tech to check the production batch number on the label. This is a practical way. Method, if the production batch number is not found in Fenghua Hi-Tech's ERP system, it indicates that this is a fake product.

According to the above, when you choose Fenghua SMD capacitors and various products, you also need to choose a regular agent. Pingshang Technology welcomes your online consultation!