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Why do chip resistors need to be used in many fields?

Source: FAQ Editor: PingShang Click: Release time: 2021-10-14 09:25:06

In industrial design, many people like to use SMD resistors. The main reason is that the current products are getting smaller and smaller. Traditional resistors are no longer able to adapt to the development of this era, while SMD can It is a good realization of miniaturization products, so what are the functions of the chip resistors? let's figure it out together!

First of all, the chip resistors can allow local electrical devices to play (limit the size of the current flowing through the circuit), and one is the voltage divider (divide a high voltage into several segments).


As for why more people use it now, the main reason is that it is small, it is really small, because the unit of length is calculated in millimeters, so the current development is moving towards the trend of miniaturization, this This small degree obviously can bring better help, and the cost of chip resistors will not be particularly high. By comparing traditional resistors, manufacturers can evolve their products while putting in smaller resistors. Its own products are more competitive.

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