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The difference between transistor and MOS field effect tube

Source: Industry News Editor: PingShang Click: Release time: 2021-10-13 09:17:52

Some people say that different types of components have the same appearance design, but the internal structure and main purpose are quite different. For example, there are several types of MOS field effect transistors, common specifications that can be seen from circuit boards, and similar There are many kinds.

The difference between related MOS FETs and transistors:

(1) It is the operating voltage control component, and the transistor is the current control component. The triode has a large loss, and the field-effect transistor has a small loss.

(2) It uses most of the free electron conductivity, and the transistor has both most of the free electrons and a very small amount of free electron conductivity. Generally speaking, the cost is low, and the general use first considers the use of a triode, which is not good Consider the field effect transistor.

(3) There are some field effect transistors whose source and drain can be used interchangeably, and the gate voltage can also be positive or negative, and the coordination ability is better than that of transistors.


(4) MOS field effect transistors can work under low current and very low voltage standards, and its manufacturing technology can easily integrate many field effect transistors on a single crystal silicon chip, so the field Effect tubes have been widely used in large-scale integrated circuit chips.

(5) Field-effect transistors have the advantages of higher input resistance and low noise, so they are also commonly used in various electronic products. Especially when FETs are used as the input stage of all electronic products, characteristics that are difficult for ordinary transistors can be obtained.

(6) MOS field effect transistors are divided into junction type and insulating layer gate type, and the basic principles of operation are all the same.

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