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Take you through the different functions of chip capacitors

Source: Company Dynamics Editor: PingShang Click: Release time: 2021-10-20 09:49:26

SMD capacitors are an indispensable key component in electrical components. They have a wide range of functions. Often everyone only knows that SMD capacitors can store, but don’t understand other functions. So, what is its function? Pingshang Technology Small Taping you to understand!

1. Storage function

As we all know, a capacitor is a component that stores energy, it has a storage function, and uses electric field energy to store charge. Therefore, it is often used in circuits that absorb interference pulse signals to smooth the power and realize the perfect storage of power.

2. Reset and flip function

The chip capacitor is often attached to the power supply of the external circuit. If the voltage at both ends is lower than the power supply voltage, the external power supply will charge the chip capacitor until the voltage of the two poles is exactly the same. The external discharge continues until the two poles have the same voltage, and if the external power supply voltage continues to be zero, the voltage will also return to zero.

3. Eliminate crosstalk

SMD capacitors can be so widely used in electronic components, mainly because it can help the chip to clear the crosstalk generated by the signal to other chips, so that when each chip is working, it can use the clearing effect to make Each module works normally without interference. In the oscillating circuit, the capacitor can also provide the necessary frequency for the circuit together with the oscillator.


That's it for the introduction. Chip capacitors are very important in circuit components. In addition to many functions, they also have the advantages of being resistant to aging and requiring no complicated soldering.