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Inductance size and unit

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(1) Unit of inductance

The unit of inductance is Henry, named after the American physicist Joseph Henry (1797~1878). Henry is abbreviated as Henry, represented by the letter "H". The units smaller than Hens are millihenries and microhenries, expressed in mH and uH respectively. The conversion relationship of these three units is



(2) The size of the inductance

The size of the inductance of various inductors has a great relationship with the number of turns of the inductor coil (also known as the number of craftsmen), the cross-sectional area of the coil, and whether there is an iron core or a magnetic core inside the coil. If other conditions are the same, the more the number of coil turns, the greater the inductance; the same number of turns, the other conditions remain unchanged, the larger the cross-sectional area of the coil, the greater the inductance; the same coil, insert After the iron core or magnetic core, the inductance is significantly increased than when the core is hollow, and the better the quality of the inserted iron core or magnetic core, the more the inductance of the coil increases.

Generally, the inductance of a transformer with an iron core can reach a few paves, while the inductance of a general inductance coil is only a few microhenries to a few millihenries.

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