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Functions and characteristics of SMD electronic components

Source: Company Dynamics Editor: PingShang Click: Release time: 2021-11-10 10:05:29

How magical are the numerous accessories on the electronic circuit board of electronic products? The operation of electronic products depends on them! I believe you will not be unfamiliar with electronic components. Even if you can't name them, you can roughly understand their functions.

Electronic components are products that do not change the molecular composition during processing, usually including resistors, capacitors, inductors, potentiometers, relays, connectors, various sensitive components, etc. In most cases, electronic components often refer specifically to resistors, capacitors and inductors. Electronic devices refer to products whose molecular structure has been changed during production and processing, usually including diodes, triodes, integrated circuits and so on.

Function of chip mounted electronic components

We all know that electronic products need programs to run, and what does the program rely on? Electronic circuit boards are needed for all products, from large rockets, aircraft, automotive electronics to mobile phones and sports bracelets. Electronic circuit boards are also an important part in the early stage of product design, The important components of the program software to ensure the normal operation of the electronic circuit board are large and small components. The electronic components are connected with the PCB board after SMT chip processing or dip post welding, and the program software can be imported for function test.


Characteristics of electronic components

1. Small volume, light weight and saving raw materials.

Chip electronic components are small in size, generally in the order of 0.5mm to tens of mm, with a thickness of 0.2 ~ 2mm, and most of them are of no outgoing line or short outgoing line structure. Therefore, it reduces the weight, saves raw materials, reduces the cost, is conducive to high-density assembly, and then promotes the miniaturization, thinness and lightweight of the whole electronic machine.

2. It is conducive to improve the reliability of electronic equipment.

The non outgoing line or short outgoing line of chip electronic components has the advantages of small volume, light weight and thin thickness, especially the non outgoing line structure, which makes it more able to withstand vibration and impact and easier to dissipate the heat generated during circuit operation, In addition, when designing and manufacturing, it has been considered to meet the requirements of high-temperature welding conditions and cleaning conditions in surface assembly technology. Its materials and appropriate packaging methods are resistant to high temperature, welding and moisture. In addition, the surface assembly technology does not need to adopt the plug-in assembly technology like the traditional electronic components with leads, and the plug-in lead through hole is recognized as one of the main fault factors of the circuit. The surface assembly circuit using chip electronic components fundamentally eliminates the root cause of this fault, so as to improve the reliability of electronic equipment.

(3) Excellent electrical performance.

The structure of no lead out or short lead out reduces the parasitic inductance and capacitance caused by the lead out, reduces the equivalent series resistance caused by the lead out, and improves the Zui high cut-off frequency of electronic components. It is not only conducive to improve the frequency characteristics and response speed of the whole circuit, but also hardly need to be adjusted after assembly, which is conducive to the assembly of high-frequency circuit.

(4) The size and shape are standardized and the comprehensive cost is low.

The overall dimensions of most chip electronic components have been standardized and can be assembled by automatic mounting machine. It has high work efficiency and good welding quality, and can realize mass assembly. Although the price of a certain type of electronic components is still higher than that of traditional electronic components, the price of chip electronic components itself has the potential advantage of being cheaper than traditional electronic components.