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MOS tube suitable for 60V electric vehicle controller

Source: Company Dynamics Editor: PingShang Click: Release time: 2021-11-08 10:25:03

Pingshang Technology introduces the MOS tube suitable for 60V electric vehicle controller: NCE6050KA.

The field effect transistor NCE6050KA is a 60V drain-source voltage, 50A current, and a TO-252 packaged N-channel MOS transistor. When it comes to 60V and 50A, I think even people who are not very familiar with electronic components are familiar with it. However, I believe that many people have bought electric vehicles. Generally speaking, they must have heard that electric vehicles are 60V or 48V, and NCE6050KA is a field effect tube suitable for 60V electric vehicle controllers.

At present, in the application of 60V electric vehicle controller, the main loss of MOS tube includes switching loss (turn-on process and turn-off process), conduction loss, cut-off loss (caused by leakage current, this is negligible), and avalanche energy loss. As long as these losses are controlled within the tolerance specifications of the MOS tube, the MOS tube will work normally. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a suitable MOS tube. Commonly used 60V electric vehicle controllers are JMTK50N06B from Jiejiewei, and NCE6050KA from Xinjie Energy. Both of them are good choices. Recently, NCE6050KA seems to be very popular in the market. We Nanshan Electronics As it is in stock, let’s share with you the specifications of the commonly used model NCE6050KA for 60V electric vehicle controllers:


A simple understanding means that a good MOS tube can match the loss within a controllable range. Therefore, choosing a field effect tube with good quality and a true overall value is the basis for helping electric vehicle controller companies improve product quality. With low power consumption and high reliability, MOS tubes have successfully entered the market areas of automotive electronics, motor drives, household appliances, consumer electronics, LED lighting, electric vehicles, security, and network communications. In addition to providing NCE6050KA for the above 60V electric vehicle controllers, Pingshang Technology also provides chip capacitors, resistors, diodes and other products. Welcome to inquire online!

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