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Selection of SMD diode and triode package

Source: Industry News Editor: PingShang Click: Release time: 2021-11-17 09:51:31

Nowadays, the reliability of SMD diodes and triodes can be described as significantly improved, and the scope of application in the market has become more and more extensive. It is even used in the high requirements of electronic components, such as automobile engine control, measurement control, industrial equipment and intelligent communication equipment. Judging from market data, the sales of patch diodes are increasing day by day.

In terms of installation, SMD diodes have more packaging specifications than in-line diodes, with better performance and convenient use. With the development of miniaturized electronic equipment today, the demand for miniaturization and thin packaging of electronic components is also increasing. Pingshang Technology continues to develop and innovate in accordance with market requirements.


The advantages of mounting diodes compared with plug-in packages:

1. Small size and thin thickness reduce installation area.

2. No need for circuit board through holes.

3. It can be installed on both sides of the circuit board.

Different package parameters of SMD diodes are different in terms of installation, convenience and heat resistance. When choosing, you must first understand your own requirements. Welcome to consult the small expert of Pingshang Technology: 13622673179.