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Zener diodes and fast diodes

Source: Industry News Editor: PingShang Click: Release time: 2022-01-19 08:21:27

Zener diodes and fast diodes

Zener diode is a device made of the voltage regulation performance exhibited by the reverse breakdown characteristics of pn junction, also known as Zener diode or reverse breakdown diode, which plays a role in stabilizing voltage in the circuit. It uses the feature that the reverse voltage does not change with the reverse current within a certain reverse current range after the diode is reversely broken down for voltage regulation. It is usually made of silicon semiconductor material by alloying method or diffusion method. It not only has the unidirectional conduction characteristics of ordinary diodes, but also works in the reverse breakdown state. At present, the low temperature coefficient zener tube is composed of two zener tubes in reverse series. When the two zener tubes are in the forward and reverse working state, they have different positive and negative temperature coefficients, which can achieve good temperature compensation. .60a38827d383c266d11704ea9c221e2

Fast diodes include fast recovery diodes and Schottky diodes, which are mainly used in high-frequency rectifier circuits, high-frequency switching power supplies, high-frequency resistance-capacitance absorption circuits, and inverter circuits.

The fast diode has a reverse recovery time of up to 10ns. It is a semiconductor diode with good switching characteristics and short reverse recovery time. It is mainly used in electronic circuits such as switching power supplies, pwm pulse width modulators, and frequency converters. frequency rectifier diodes, freewheeling diodes or damping diodes.

Schottky transistors are made based on the barrier layer formed by the contact between metal and semiconductor. The main features are small forward voltage drop (about 0.45v), short reverse recovery time and small switching loss. Power consumption, ultra-high-speed semiconductor devices, widely used in switching power supplies, frequency converters, drivers and other circuits, as high-frequency, low-voltage, high-current rectifier diodes, freewheeling diodes, protection diodes, or as rectifier diodes in microwave communications and other circuits , The use of small signal detection diodes.