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Method of testing resistance performance

Source: Industry News Editor: PingShang Click: Release time: 2021-12-22 08:25:00

Method of testing the performance of chip resistors

There are two methods for detecting the performance of chip resistors, which are independent measurement and measurement on the circuit board. I will take you to understand how to use these two methods for detecting the performance of resistors.

There are two main methods commonly used to measure the performance of chip resistors. One is the independent measurement method, which uses a multimeter to measure the resistance of the resistor and compare it with the nominal value. There is also the method of measuring on the circuit board, by measuring the resistor on the printed circuit board.

Independent measurement

Use a multimeter to measure the resistance at both ends of the fixed resistor and compare it with the nominal value. As long as it is within the tolerance range, it is a good resistor.文章配图06

When using a multimeter to measure a resistor, you need to pay attention that your hands cannot touch the two pins of the resistor at the same time.

Circuit board measurement

When the resistor is damaged, exclude the possibility that the resistance value becomes smaller due to moisture or dust, and most of the resistance values will become larger or even open.

When measuring a resistor on a printed circuit board, because there are many components connected in parallel, the resistance reading will only be less than or equal to the nominal value no matter how it is measured under normal conditions.

If the reading of the positive and negative measured resistance is greater than the nominal value and out of the deviation range, then the resistance must be a bad resistance. If the reading is less than the nominal value twice, the resistance is not necessarily a bad resistance.

If you have any doubts about the results, you have to take them apart and measure them separately.