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Basic knowledge of smd varistor

Source: Company Dynamics Editor: PingShang Click: Release time: 2020-08-21 15:15:43

Nominal parameters of varistor

Varistor is represented by the letter "MY". If J is added for household use, the following letters W, G, P, L, H, Z, B, C, N, K are used for voltage stabilization, overvoltage protection, and high frequency respectively. Circuit, lightning protection, arc extinguishing, noise elimination, compensation, demagnetization, or high reliability, etc. Although a varistor can absorb a large surge energy, it cannot withstand a continuous current above the milliampere level. This needs to be taken into account when used as overvoltage protection. For the selection of varistor, two parameters, nominal varistor voltage V1mA and current capacity are generally selected.

Application principle of varistor

Varistor is a component with transient voltage suppression function, which can be used to replace the combination of transient suppression diode, Zener diode and capacitor. Varistors can protect the circuits of ICs and other equipment to prevent damage to them due to electrostatic discharge, surges and other transient currents (such as lightning strikes, etc.). When using, only need to connect the varistor to the protected IC or equipment circuit. When the voltage is higher than a certain value in an instant, the resistance of the varistor drops rapidly and conducts a large current to protect the IC or electrical appliances. Equipment: When the voltage is lower than the working voltage value of the varistor, the resistance of the varistor is high, almost open circuit, so it will not affect the normal operation of the device or electrical equipment.

Varistors are used in a wide range of applications, ranging from handheld electronic products to industrial equipment, with various specifications and sizes. With the widespread use of handheld electronic products, especially mobile phones, laptops, PDAs, digital cameras, medical instruments, etc., the circuit system has higher speed requirements and lower operating voltages. This puts forward the need for varistors In order to meet the requirements of smaller size and higher performance. Therefore, surface-mounted varistor components have begun to emerge in large numbers, and their annual sales growth rate is more than double that of leaded varistors.

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