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What is the role of varistor in lighting

Source: Industry News Editor: PingShang Click: Release time: 2021-12-15 08:49:31

When energy saving becomes the main competitiveness of the lighting market, the effect of smart lighting is very obvious in the process of "green building". Make the lighting system work in a fully automatic state, the system works according to the preset basic state, these states will automatically switch to each other according to the set time and environment.

Outdoor LED smart street lights use a street light control platform to achieve the construction of a smart city, and the intelligent lighting control platform can also be used to manage information processing technology in the indoor environment. The circuit protection technology that has received much attention in recent years has improved a higher level of circuit protection for LED lighting in the direction of intelligence. Compared with varistors, SMD varistors are mainly used as overvoltage protection for low-voltage products or ESD anti-static. SMD varistors used in ESD protection, especially the ESD protection of signal lines, need to pay attention to the size of their parasitic capacitance. Its basic characteristic is the nonlinearity of the current-voltage relationship. When the voltage applied to its two ends is lower than a certain valve voltage, that is, "varistor voltage", its resistance value is extremely large, at the megohm level; and when the voltage applied to its both ends exceeds the varistor voltage, the resistance value With the increase of voltage, it drops rapidly, and can be as small as ohm or milliohm.文章配图24

The role of chip varistors in smart lighting products is mainly to improve the circuit protection level and maximize the protection efficiency as a focus. Due to its small size, SMD varistors are more and more widely used in some handheld devices and miniaturized electronic devices. Used to protect components and circuits to prevent ESD from power supply, control and signal lines. Based on the small package of the chip varistor, the high-performance safety and reliability protection scheme design can realize more optimized, higher precision, more stable, and lower cost solutions.