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SMD inductor introduction

Source: Industry News Editor: PingShang Click: Release time: 2021-12-10 08:35:31

The number of applications of chip inductors in circuits is relatively small, generally at the output of low-voltage DC control power supplies. Seeing its application, it forms a π-shaped filter circuit of CLC with filter capacitors, which has the effect of stabilizing the output current. Inductance, composed of a single coil, and some with a magnetic core, the unit is generally expressed in μH and mH, and the current value is a few milliamperes to hundreds of milliamperes.

Material of chip inductor

The ferrite of the chip inductor is made of a kind of high permeability material infiltrated with other metals and sintered at 2000 ℃. In the low frequency range, the chip inductor anti-interference magnetic core presents a very low inductive impedance value. Affect the signal transmission. In the high frequency range, the impedance becomes larger, and the inductive component is still small, but the resistive component increases rapidly. When high-frequency energy passes through, the resistive component will dissipate these components. In this way, a low-pass filter is formed to attenuate the high-frequency noise signal, but the low-frequency can be ignored, and the normal operation of the circuit is not affected. Different ferrites have different suppression frequency ranges. Generally, the higher the permeability, the lower the frequency of suppression. The larger the volume of ferrite, the better the suppression effect.文章配图06

The role of chip inductors

This is a simple way of saying “pass DC to resist AC”. Isolate and filter AC signals or form a resonant circuit with capacitors, resistors, etc. Tuning and frequency-selective inductors: Inductance coils and capacitors can be connected in parallel to form an LC tuning circuit. Any current of the chip inductor in the circuit will generate a magnetic field, and the magnetic flux of the magnetic field will act on the circuit.

The use of chip inductors

Chip inductors can be divided into low-power inductors and high-power inductors. Low-power inductors are mainly used in consumer electronic circuits such as motherboards, and high-power inductors are mainly used in energy storage devices or La filter components of technical inverters.

The purpose of chip inductors: mainly used in consumer electronics, medical equipment, computer products and peripherals, network xDSL filters, modems, global positioning systems, DC-DC converters, up/down converters, amplifiers, audio-visual equipment, Audio equipment, noise filters, power supplies, analyzers, displays, switching regulators, SCR and TRIAC control circuits, automation systems, EMI/RFI choke filters, speaker servo networks, input filters, voice processors, SMPS and switches AC adapter, power amplifier, etc.