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How to choose high voltage capacitors and how to use them safely

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How to choose high voltage capacitors and how to use them safely

In the past, high-voltage electrolytic capacitors were usually DC capacitors, but now they have developed from DC to communication, from low temperature to high temperature, from general to special, and from normal structure to chip, flat, book-type and other structures. The upper limit capacity has been expanded to about 4f, the operating frequency has reached 30khz, the operating temperature scale has reached -55℃-125℃, and some even reached 150℃, and the extra voltage has reached 700v. Of course, the more products there are, the more choices there will be. How do you choose high-voltage electrolytic capacitors?

1. Use the original high-voltage electrolytic capacitors as much as possible.

2. Generally, the capacitance error of the high-voltage electrolytic capacitor is larger, which will not seriously affect the normal operation of the circuit, so you can replace it with a capacitor with a slightly larger or smaller capacitance. But not in the frequency divider circuit, s calibration circuit, vibration circuit and loop. The capacitance should be as common as the calculation request. In some filter networks, the capacity of Heijinggang electrolytic capacitors and electrolytic capacitors are also very demanding, and the error should be less than ±0.3-0.5.

3. The withstand voltage request must be satisfied, and the selected withstand voltage value should be equal to or greater than the original value.

4. Usually use non-polar electrolytic capacitors instead. If there is no way, two polar capacitors with twice the capacity can be replaced in reverse series. The method is to connect the positive poles of the two polar electrolytic capacitors (or connect two of them) The negative pole is connected).

5. When selecting high-voltage electrolytic capacitors, select high-temperature-resistant high-voltage electrolytic capacitors. The high operating temperature of high-temperature resistant capacitors is 105°C. When operating under high operating temperature conditions, it can ensure a normal operating time of about 2000 hours. When using a capacitor at 80°C at 50°C, its life span can reach 22,000 hours. If a high-temperature and high-pressure electrolytic capacitor is used at this moment, its life span can reach 90,000 hours. High-voltage capacitors do have very good advantages, so the probability of using them in the current industry is also very high, but they should also comply with the corresponding principles and meet the corresponding conditions in the process of use. Only in this way can the appearance of the process be effectively reduced, but do you know how to use it correctly? The following content is also very important.文章配图05

When using high-voltage capacitors, you should first ensure that there is a very obvious grounding mark on the shell. In addition, the shell must first ensure that it is grounded with the metal structure. This is very important and can effectively reduce the occurrence of faults. In addition, during use, the surrounding environment should be ensured that there are no flammable or explosive hazardous ingredients. In addition, there must be no severe impact during use, and vibration should also be avoided, otherwise it will cause unnecessary Influence.

In fact, in the process of using high-voltage capacitors, there are also temperature limitations. You can choose the thermometer to install in the appropriate place. In most cases, the temperature of the environment should be guaranteed to be between minus 40 and 40 degrees. In general, The temperature needs to be controlled at least around 50 degrees. In addition, you should also have qualified discharge equipment, so that long-term operation can be achieved during use. It is not easy to have the possibility of negative pressure, and it can meet the corresponding rated voltage and have a better effect.

After the above understanding, everyone has a certain understanding of some precautions in the use of high-voltage capacitors, and the metal structure must be grounded during use. In addition, it must be at the correct temperature. A phenomenon that is higher or lower, so as not to have an impact.

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