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Market Forecast of DC Chip Capacitors in the Second Half of 2021

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For example, the output of DC chip capacitors continues to grow at a rate of 15% per year. It is reasonable to assume that such a growth rate will continue before 2021. Advanced forecasting techniques show that this is an area where the film capacitor market will continue to grow.

The main factors of growth are as follows:

At present, 92% of the DC film capacitors produced worldwide are designed with radial leads or axial leads. The opposite is true for ceramic capacitors and other dielectrics such as tantalum capacitors, where 90% of the output is SMD type, and only 10% is of axial or radial lead design. The growth rate of the DC film capacitor market-aluminum electrolytic capacitors is similar, and the same transformation is currently undergoing.

From the structural point of view, DC film chip capacitors seem to be the main growth product in the future. Capacitors, mainly chip capacitors, are mostly used in the AC and pulse markets of CRT demagnetization circuits. Most capacitor suppliers are focusing on DC chip capacitors, DC capacitors and other products because this is a field with faster growth in the future.

The price of NPO ceramics will account for 30% of SMD capacitors, and market applications will gradually become wider, such as audio and video image circuits, power supplies, and automotive electronic components. In these fields, the characteristics of thin films are extremely necessary in circuits.

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