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The importance of chip capacitors in smart home products-PAGOODA

Source: FAQ Editor: PingShang Click: Release time: 2021-07-16 11:06:22

SMD capacitors are indispensable SMD electronic components in smart electronic products. The smart home industry bears the brunt of smart electronic products. Today, the small package and high stability of capacitors have gradually established a position in smart home circuits.

Without chip capacitors, the safe operation of smart homes is a problem

      An anti-surge current protection circuit with the participation of capacitors. The function of the capacitor in the circuit is to limit the current and prevent the sudden increase of the current from damaging the components in the circuit. Without a capacitor, the instantaneous increase in current may have a fatal effect on other electronic components in the circuit, so it is essential for the energy supply of the smart home system.


Without chip capacitors, smart home signal transmission cannot be smooth

      The data collected by the sensor is transmitted to the processor in the form of a current signal, and after a series of software calculations, it is output to various electrical appliances under the jurisdiction of the smart home system in the form of a current signal. In order to ensure the accuracy and strength of these current signals, energy storage and filtering of capacitors are essential. Therefore, if there is no capacitor, the accuracy of the current signal in the smart home system cannot be guaranteed, and the signal transmission cannot be smooth at all.

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