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What is capacitance

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What is capacitance

A capacitor is two conductors close to each other, separated by a non-conductive insulating medium, which constitutes a capacitor (indicated by the letter C). When a voltage is applied between the two plates of a capacitor, the capacitor will store charge.

The capacitor is one of the important circuit components. As long as there is an insulator between any two conductors, a capacitor is formed. The two conductors that make up a capacitor are called plates, and the insulator in between is called the dielectric.

Two definitions of capacitors

1 A capacitor is a container for holding electricity, and it is a device that holds electrical charges.

Capacitors are one of the most widely used electronic components in electronic equipment. They are widely used in circuits such as direct current isolation, coupling, bypass, filtering, tuning loops, and energy conversion.文章配图22

2 Any two conductors that are insulated from each other and are very close to each other constitute a capacitor.

The functions of capacitors are as follows: coupling, filtering, decoupling, high-frequency vibration elimination, resonance, bypass, neutralization, timing, integration, differentiation, compensation, bootstrap, frequency division, load capacitance, etc.

The purpose of the capacitor: widely used in the circuits of instruments, meters, televisions and household appliances. It can be used for DC pulsation and AC voltage reduction. It is especially suitable for various types of electronic rectifiers and energy-saving lamp circuits. It can also be touched by various contactors. Point of high-voltage potential absorption line.

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