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The role of inductors

Source: Industry News Editor: PingShang Click: Release time: 2021-12-20 09:30:21

Inductors are components that can convert electrical energy into magnetic energy for storage. The structure of the inductor is similar to that of a transformer. The inductor only hinders the change of current. If the inductor is in a state where no current is flowing, it will try to block the current from flowing through it when the circuit is on; if the inductor is in a state where current is flowing, it will try to maintain the current when the circuit is off. Inductors are also called chokes, reactors, and dynamic reactors.

Basic functions: filtering, oscillation, delay, notch.文章配图07

Image: DC pass, AC resistance. Direct current: The so-called direct current means that in a DC circuit, the inductance acts as a wire and does not have any effect. Resistance to AC: In an AC circuit, the inductor will have impedance, and the current in the entire circuit will become smaller, which will hinder AC to a certain extent.

Refinement: In the electronic circuit, the inductance coil acts on the AC current limitation, and it can form a high-pass or low-pass filter, a phase shift circuit and a resonance circuit with a resistor or a capacitor.

The function of the inductance is to hinder the change of current, but this kind of function is different from the function of resistance hindering the flow of current. The function of resistance hindering the flow of current is marked by the consumption of electric energy, while the inductance hindering the change of current is purely to prevent the current from changing. When the current increases, the inductance hinders the increase of the current, and when the current decreases, the inductance hinders the decrease of the current.

The inductance hinders the current change process and does not consume electric energy. When hindering the current increase, it temporarily stores the electric energy in the form of a magnetic field. When the current decreases, it also releases the energy of the magnetic field. As a result, it hinders the current change.