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Characteristics of ordinary resistance

Source: Industry News Editor: PingShang Click: Release time: 2021-12-21 08:31:08

Characteristics of ordinary resistance

The main characteristics of ordinary resistance, learning and using resistance well, is the basis of the circuit, here are four characteristics of ordinary resistance.

Basic characteristics of resistance

The basic characteristic of resistance is energy consumption. When current passes through the resistance, the resistance consumes electric energy and generates heat. Of course, the heat emitted by the resistor during normal operation is limited.

The resistance characteristics in DC and AC circuits are the same

In a DC or AC circuit, the resistance of the resistance to the current is the same, that is, the resistance of the resistance to the AC current and the DC current is "equally treated."

Therefore, resistance has the same effect on DC and AC, which facilitates the analysis of resistance circuits.文章配图21

When circuit analysis, only need to analyze the influence of resistance on current and voltage.

When the resistance of resistor R1 in the circuit is different, the DC or AC flowing through R1 is different. When the resistance of R1 increases, the DC or AC current flowing through R1 is different. When the resistance of R1 increases, the DC or AC current flowing through R1 is different. Both direct current or alternating current should be reduced.

Same resistance characteristics at different frequencies

In an AC circuit, the same resistance exhibits the same resistance to signals of different frequencies, and there will be no change in resistance due to the frequency of the alternating current. This is an important characteristic of resistance.

When analyzing the working principle of the resistance in an AC circuit, it is not necessary to consider the impact of the AC frequency on the operation of the circuit.

Different types of signals have the same resistance characteristics

The resistance not only does not change in the sine wave alternating current circuit, but also the resistance presented in the pulse signal, triangle wave signal processing and amplifying circuit.

The constant resistance characteristic of the resistor is very beneficial to circuit analysis, that is, it is not necessary to analyze the signal characteristics of the oven when analyzing the resistance circuit.