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Matters needing attention in the application of chip capacitors

Source: Industry News Editor: PingShang Click: Release time: 2021-11-23 15:35:59

MLCC has become one of the commonly used components in electronic circuits. MLCC looks simple on the surface, and some companies have some misunderstandings in the application of MLCC, thinking that MLCC is a very simple component, so the process requirements are not high. However, MLCC is a relatively fragile component, so it is necessary to pay attention to it in application. The following Pingshang Technology talks about some problems and matters needing attention in the application of MLCC.

1. The process and production personnel must be informed of the thermal failure of the chip capacitors and let them pay attention to this problem.

2. Welding by specialized skilled workers. There are strict requirements on the soldering process. For example, a constant temperature soldering iron must be used, the soldering iron should not exceed 315°C, and the soldering time should not exceed 3 seconds. Choose the appropriate soldering flux and solder paste, and clean the pad first, so that the MLCC must not be subjected to large external forces. Pay attention to welding quality and so on.


Manual soldering: first put tin on the pad, then melt the tin on the pad with a soldering iron, then put the capacitor on, the soldering iron only touches the pad without touching the capacitor during the whole process, and then uses a similar method to solder the other end.

Mechanical stress can easily cause cracks in MLCC. Since the chip capacitor is rectangular, and the short side is the solder end, the long side is prone to problems when subjected to force. Therefore, the direction of force must be considered when arranging the board. For example, the relationship between the direction of deformation when dividing the board and the direction of the capacitor. In the production process, try not to discharge capacitors wherever the PCB may have a large deformation.

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