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Dry goods sharing: the many benefits of chip inductors

Source: Company Dynamics Editor: PingShang Click: Release time: 2021-11-22 11:32:50

With modern people's pursuit of small and sophisticated electronic products, various parts used in electronic products must also be innovated in technology and products according to market demand. Chip inductors are one of the more widely used electronic components. Almost all the front and back circuits of electronic products will have the application of chip inductors. The chip inductors mainly play the role of filtering, oscillation, delay, trapping, etc., as well as filtering signals, filtering noise, stabilizing current and suppressing Electromagnetic interference and other effects.

The benefits ofchip inductors in various electronic fields:

1. Save space: When the inductor is formed by the pattern of the inner layer of the circuit board, it is basically a flat structure. The chip inductor is a three-dimensional structure, so it saves space compared to the pattern inductor on the circuit board. Note: Especially when inductance above 10nH is required, space can be greatly saved.

2. Simple fine-tuning: In impedance matching, sometimes the inductance value must be changed many times for adjustment. To change the inductance value of the pattern inductor, the circuit board must usually be changed, so it is difficult to adjust. The inductance value of chip inductors is divided into very fine points, so the matching can be adjusted by replacing components.


3. Guaranteed characteristics: When the inductor is formed according to the pattern on the circuit board, due to the standard deviation of the circuit board material characteristics and the standard deviation of the processing accuracy, the inductance characteristics also have the standard deviation. Chip inductors are fully sorted before leaving the factory, so that the standard deviation of the inductance value is controlled within a certain range. Therefore, it can contribute to the manufacture of machines with stable performance.

The advantages of chip inductors can be summarized:

Relatively small size, small DC resistance, and large output current: the number of turns of the coil is relatively small, so the resistance is small and large current can pass. Suitable for highly automated productionEasy to use: It adopts tape and reel packaging, and can carry out different reel numbers according to different choices of customers, which is convenient for automatic placement.

The benefits of chip inductors are shared here, and new and old users in need are welcome to consult and purchase.

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