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Understand the causes and treatment methods of common failures of chip capacitors

Source: FAQ Editor: PingShang Click: Release time: 2021-08-05 16:29:07

   chip capacitors generally have some failure phenomena, such as: SMD capacitors open circuit, breakdown, leakage, and power failure. 

reason of failure

   1. The component is open

   After different circuit chip capacitor circuits fail, the specific failure phenomena of the circuit are different. If the filter chip capacitor is open, there will be hum, coupling chip capacitor open circuit, mute, etc.

   Repair method: open the chip capacitor, replace the component.

   2. Component failure

   The chip capacitor is lost, the two pins of the chip capacitor enter the channel, the function of the chip capacitor is eliminated, and the DC circuit of the circuit fails, which affects the working state of the communication.

   Repair method: SMD capacitor failure, replace.

   3. Leakage of components

   The insulation performance between the two plates of the chip capacitor decreases, and there is a leakage resistance between the two plates, and the DC current passes through the chip capacitor, the insulation performance of the chip capacitor changes, and the capacity of the chip capacitor decreases. When the coupling chip capacitor leaks, it will cause greater circuit noise. This is a relatively small fault in a small chip capacitor, and it is difficult to detect the fault.

   Repair method: Leakage of the patch capacitor, replace it with a new one.

   4. After power on, breakdown

   The chip capacitor has the power after the breakdown of the working voltage. It also shows the non-fault characteristics of the multimeter when it is tested. It does not represent the breakdown voltage. It is zero or very low when the electricity is measured at both ends of the chip capacitor. Capacitance, performance is not good.

   Repair method: After power off, replace it with a new one.

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