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Do you know the trend of SMD electronic components industry?

Source: Industry News Editor: PingShang Click: Release time: 2021-11-22 11:24:34

I believe people in the electronics industry are familiar with the term SMD electronic components, so how much do you know about this industry? Next, Ping Shang Xiaobian will share with you!

In fact, it will be applied to electronic components in most fields such as integrated circuits, smart electronics, power products, and new energy power generation. For example, the chip capacitors produced by our company Pingshang Technology are one of the electronic components made of ceramics. It has the characteristics of high temperature resistance.

文章配图10SMD electronic components mainly include:

SMD capacitors, resistors, inductors, magnetic beads, diodes, etc. After recent years of research and development, our company now produces products that not only have a certain scale in the automotive field, but also in the field of smart home appliances such as: sweepers, electric kettles, Products such as electric stew pots are widely used.

With the renewal and development of electronic products in my country in the past two years, many companies related to electronic components have also increased. The electronic components industry has developed considerably.

Pingshang Technology The above-mentioned electronic components are all produced and sold. Welcome to consult or leave a message online, and our company will reply to you in time!