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Can chip resistors be used instead of chip capacitors?

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In fact, resistors and capacitors in chip electronic components are two completely different products. From a professional point of view, they cannot be substituted for each other under any circumstances. If it is replaced at will, it is easy to cause the circuit to fail to operate normally, and it may also cause circuit failure.

SMD capacitors include electrolytic capacitors, tantalum capacitors and other products, they are all polarized; while ceramic capacitors are not polarized. The function of the capacitor is generally to filter, couple, bypass, oscillate, etc., and have the characteristics of blocking DC and AC, passing high frequency and blocking low frequency. In the power circuit, capacitors are connected to the input and output terminals of the power IC to play a filtering role; used in the LC oscillating circuit to play the role of oscillation and frequency selection.


SMD resistors are commonly used passive components, used for current limiting, voltage division, sampling, and offensive and defensive loads. They are indispensable in circuit design. Resistance is an ideal load, and the phases of current and voltage are the same after passing through the resistance.

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The editor of Pingshang Technology reminds you: The circuit is composed of various electronic components. At that time, the parameters of the circuit components can not be changed or replaced at will, otherwise it will be an immeasurable loss.