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What is a chip tantalum capacitor? What are the characteristics

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    SMD tantalum capacitors, as a type of electrolytic capacitors, are widely used in various electronic products, especially products with high density assembly and small internal space, such as mobile phones and portable printers.

SMD tantalum capacitors use metal tantalum (Ta) as the anode material. According to the anode structure, it can be divided into foil type and tantalum sintered powder type.

    Tantalum powder sintered tantalum capacitors can be divided into solid electrolyte tantalum capacitors (SolidTantalum) and non-solid electrolyte tantalum capacitors due to different working electrolytes.

    Among them, the largest amount of solid tantalum electrolytic capacitors. Tantalum capacitors do not need to use electrolyte like ordinary electrolytic capacitors because they use metal tantalum as the medium. In addition, SMD tantalum capacitors do not need to be fired with aluminum-plated capacitor paper like ordinary electrolytic capacitors, so they have almost no inductance, but they also limit their capacity.

    What are the characteristics of SMD tantalum capacitors

    The full name of chip tantalum capacitor is tantalum electrolytic capacitor, which is also a kind of electrolytic capacitor. Since metal tantalum oxide is used as the medium, there is no need to use electrolyte like ordinary electrolytic capacitors. In addition, tantalum capacitors are not used like ordinary electrolytic capacitors. The aluminum-plated capacitor paper is fired, so it has almost no inductance, but it also limits its capacity.

    In addition, there is no electrolyte inside the chip tantalum capacitor, which is very suitable for working under high temperature. Although SMD tantalum capacitors are characterized by long life, high temperature resistance, high accuracy, and excellent high-frequency ripple filtering performance, they are smaller in capacity, more expensive than aluminum capacitors, and relatively weak in withstand voltage and current. The causes of the explosion of chip tantalum electrolytic capacitors can be roughly divided into the use of reversed positive and negative electrodes and the explosion caused by excessive AC ripple in the circuit, and when the voltage is suitable, the peak output current of the circuit is too large and the chip capacitor is caused. explode.

    SMD tantalum capacitors are electrolytic capacitors. They have a wide range of applications. For example, mobile phones, portable printers, etc., will use SMD tantalum capacitors. They have the characteristics of long life, high temperature resistance and high accuracy.

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