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Do you know how many types of transistor are distinguished

Source: Industry News Editor: PingShang Click: Release time: 2020-12-31 09:53:57

    Transistor is a general term that can be divided into many small categories. Today I will introduce you to various categories. Firstly, they are divided into structure, point contact type and surface contact type; according to working frequency

The rate is divided into high frequency triode and low frequency triode, switch tube. According to power

Divided into high-power, medium-power, and low-power transistor. From the package form, there are

Metal package and plastic package and other forms. Due to the variety of transistor, in every

There are several specific models in the category, so you must distinguish them when using


Negligence, otherwise the transistor will be damaged.

The triode has two PN junctions, three electrodes (emitter, base, collector

). According to the different composition of PN junction, there are two types: PNP and NPN.

According to the different manufacturing materials, the transistor triode is divided into germanium tube and silicon tube

The characteristics of the two types are similar, and the silicon tube is less affected by temperature.

Work is more stable. According to the basic structure of the transistor, it is divided into NPN type and PNP type

Two types. According to different working frequencies, it can be roughly divided into high frequency tube and low frequency

Tube and so on. According to different purposes, it is divided into amplifier tube and switch tube. According to different power, it is divided into small power tube, medium power tube and large power tube.

Power tube.

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