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SMD capacitor installation environment requirements

Source: Company Dynamics Editor: PingShang Click: Release time: 2021-03-05 16:52:58

Pingshang Technology explained: Compensation capacitor installation environment requirements

①Capacitor should be installed in dangerous places without corrosive gas, steam, temperature vibration, shock, explosion, flammability, etc.

② Avoid direct sunlight for capacitor installed on the ground.

③The ambient temperature of the capacitor room should meet the requirements specified by the manufacturer.

④ When installing a fan in the capacitor room, the air inlet in this area should be opened to the main wind direction in summer, and the air outlet should be installed at the upper end of the capacitor bank. The intake and exhaust fans should be installed diagonally.

⑤The capacitor room can adopt natural lighting or artificial lighting.

⑥ The door of the high-voltage capacitor room should be opened to the outside.


① If the capacitor is shipped to a distant place, it should be repackaged and transported. When packaging, the capacitor sleeve should be placed upright. The containers, capacitor and wooden boxes should be filled with soft materials.

②When handling capacitor, use lifting rings welded on the upper sides of the outer shell.

③In the warehouse and installation site, 2 capacitor cannot be stacked together.

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