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SMD capacitor installation technology requirements

Source: Company Dynamics Editor: PingShang Click: Release time: 2021-03-05 16:50:08

Pingshang Technology explained: Compensation capacitor installation technology requirements

① Save installation area. High-voltage capacitor can be installed on the iron frame in layers. The number of layers does not exceed three. There is no horizontal interlayer partition between the layers to ensure the heat dissipation effect. The installation positions of the three floors should be consistent, with the nameplate facing outwards.

② The iron frames for installing high-voltage capacitor should be arranged in rows, and there should be inspection channels between the rows.

③ A wire mesh fence must be installed on the iron frame of the high-voltage capacitor bank.

④ The distance between the shells of high-voltage capacitor is generally not less than IOCM; the distance between the shells of low-voltage capacitor is not less than 50mm.

⑤ In the high-voltage capacitor room, the clear distance between the upper and lower layers shall not be less than 0.2m; the distance between the top of the upper capacitor and the ground shall not be less than 0.3m;

⑥A separate flexible wire is used for the connection between each capacitor and the bus bar to avoid stress on the porcelain sleeve during installation or operation, causing oil leakage or damage.

⑦ During installation, the contact surface between the circuit and the grounding part should be good. Due to the poor contact of the capacitor circuit, a high frequency oscillating arc will be generated, which will increase the working electric field strength and thermal damage of the capacitor.

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