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SMD electronic components market for medical electronics

Source: Industry News Editor: PingShang Click: Release time: 2022-02-11 08:16:18

SMD electronic components market for medical electronics

Medical electronics is one of the important application fields of SMD electronic components. In recent years, the sales of China's medical electronics market has increased year by year. Experts say that it will likely maintain a continuous growth trend in the future. In addition, with the upgrading of medical electronic technology, the requirements for SMD electronic component suppliers are also getting higher and higher.

From a global perspective, the market demand for medical electronic products is increasing, especially the rapid growth in the demand for high-end products such as computed tomography scanners, magnetic resonance instruments, and high-end ultrasonic diagnostic instruments, which has driven the global medical electronics market. expand. At the same time, the growth of market demand has greatly stimulated the investment of various countries in the field of medical electronics. Medical electronic equipment manufacturers continue to improve their technical levels and expand innovative applications, which promotes the stable development of the global medical electronics industry and supports the growth of medical electronics market demand. increase.文章配图29

 According to data, the global medical electronics market sales in 2016 were US$253.47 billion, of which the Chinese medical electronics market continued to grow rapidly, reaching US$29.1 billion, accounting for 11.48% of the total global market size. At the same time, my country's medical electronics market sales also surpassed Japan for the first time, becoming the world's third largest medical electronics market after the United States and Europe.

 In terms of intelligence, more and more functions are integrated in medical electronic products, such as monitoring equipment that integrates functions such as diagnosis, monitoring, imaging, and communication, etc., which are practical and easy to operate. In addition, there are more and more products targeted for research and development for common regional diseases, specific conditions of patients and payment levels of medical institutions. The specific performance is that products with the same function will be recombined in terms of components and function settings according to the specific conditions of different regions and different medical institutions, and the price will be adjusted to better meet the actual needs of different buyers. .

  SMD electronic components can play the roles of coupling, resonance, voltage division, shunt, filtering, rectification, DC, etc. in medical electronic circuits. In recent years, medical electronics have developed very rapidly, and the demand for SMD electronic components has been greatly increased. growth, and will continue to grow steadily in the next few years.

In the future, in the pursuit of precision, intelligence and compact applications, SMD electronic components are indispensable. Traditional electronic components cannot meet the space and performance requirements and will be eliminated. For high performance, high reliability, small size, precision, diversity The demand is the general trend, and PAGOODA is the main chip electronic components, high-quality chip capacitors, chip resistors, for your choice!

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