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The basic role of varistor

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The basic role of varistor

A varistor is a resistive device with nonlinear volt-ampere characteristics, which is mainly used for voltage clamping when the circuit is subjected to overvoltage, absorbing excess current to protect sensitive devices.

A varistor is a voltage limiting protection device. Using the nonlinear characteristics of the varistor, when the current flows through the varistor, the varistor can ensure the voltage at a relatively fixed voltage value to realize the protection of the back-end circuit. The following PAGOODA editor will talk about the basic performance of the varistor

Protection features: The limit voltage of the varistor is not allowed to exceed the impulse resistance voltage that the protected object can withstand.

Shock resistance: The varistor itself should be able to withstand the shock of current shock energy

There are two life characteristics: one is the continuous working voltage life; the other is the life impact, which can be reliably endured for a predetermined number of times.文章配图04

The main factors of the varistor to consider in this case are three, one is the varistor capacitance, the second is the drain current in the system voltage, and the third is the non-linear current through the source impedance itself coupled with the variable of other circuits. The effect of resistance.

The biggest advantage of the varistor is that when the threshold value of the varistor itself is greater than the voltage given to it from the outside, the current flow value in the circuit is very small, and its own valve will be equivalent to an inoperable valve. When it is large, the resistance value in the circuit decreases, the current increases, and finally the influence of the voltage on the circuit is reduced. Through this function, we can protect the circuit in the varistor and prevent the circuit from being affected by the voltage, so that the value of the voltage will not change too much.

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