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How to distinguish the size of chip capacitors

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How to distinguish the size of chip capacitors

The shape of chip capacitors is similar to that of chip resistors. Usually, chip capacitors have a white substrate, and most tantalum electrolytic capacitors have a black substrate, but their positive side is also marked with a white polarity.

SMD capacitors are a kind of capacitor material. The full name of chip capacitors is: multilayer (multilayer, laminated) chip ceramic capacitors, also known as chip capacitors, chip capacitors. There are two ways to express chip capacitors, one is expressed in inches, and the other is expressed in millimeters.

Many SMD capacitors cannot be marked with their capacity due to the limited volume, so they are generally marked on the entire disk during SMD production. If it is a single chip capacitor, use a capacitance tester to measure its capacity.文章配图32

Generally speaking, SMD capacitors have no silk screen. Therefore, if you look at it visually, basically, the larger the volume, the larger the capacity, but it is not absolute, so you can only know about it by visual inspection, and you need a certain amount of experience. Capacitors have high electrical requirements, and it is best to measure them with instruments such as bridges, otherwise they will be broken down and scrapped when used.

If it is the same factory standard, generally speaking, the capacity of dark color is larger than that of light color. Brown-gray > light purple > gray and white. Of course, the best way is to blow it down with a hot air gun, and use the capacitance block or capacitance meter of the digital meter to measure it after it cools down.