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Selection principle of chip capacitors

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Selection principle ofchip capacitors

What are the principles when choosing chip capacitors? When choosing a product such as a chip capacitor, there are mainly three aspects in principle.

The first principle is that the nominal capacity should meet the needs of the circuit. For some circuits that have strict requirements on capacity (such as timing circuits, delay circuits and oscillator circuits, etc.), the selected capacitors should have the same capacity as the requirements. For some circuits that do not require high capacity (such as coupling circuits, bypass circuits, etc.) circuit, power supply filtering and power supply decoupling, etc.), the capacitance of the selected chip capacitor can be similar to the requirements.

The second important principle for selecting chip capacitors is that the working voltage should meet the needs of the circuit. In order to ensure that the capacitor can work normally in the circuit for a long time, the rated voltage of the selected capacitor should be slightly larger than the high voltage that may appear in the circuit, greater than 10%-30%.文章配图31

Then the third important principle is that the characteristics of the chip capacitor meet the needs of the circuit as much as possible. Different types of capacitors have different characteristics. In order to make the circuit work as best as possible, suitable capacitors can be selected according to the characteristics of different circuits. The following are some rules for choosing capacitors in circuits:

For power supply filtering, decoupling circuits, and low frequency connection and bypass circuits, choose electrolytic capacitors.

For IF circuits, choose film capacitors and metallized paper capacitors.

For high-frequency circuits, use capacitors with good high-frequency characteristics, such as ceramic capacitors.

For high-voltage circuits, use capacitors with high operating voltages, such as high-voltage ceramic capacitors.

For circuits with high frequency stability requirements, capacitors with small temperature coefficients should be used

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