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Tips for using chip resistors

Source: Industry News Editor: PingShang Click: Release time: 2022-01-03 08:20:22

Tips for using chip resistors

1. The resistor should be artificially aged before use. The commonly used aging treatment method is to add a DC voltage to both ends of the resistor, so that the power that the resistor bears is 1.5 times the rated power, and the processing time is 5 minutes. After the treatment, the resistance value is measured.

2. Before using the resistor, check the resistor and remove the unqualified resistor.

3. Before installing the resistor, ensure the firmness of the welding. When installing the resistor, do not bend the lead of the resistor from the root to prevent it from breaking. Larger power resistors should be fixed with screws to prevent loosening and causing short circuits. When the resistor is welded, the action must be fast, and do not heat the resistor for a long time to prevent the resistance value from changing. When installing the resistor, the mark should be upward or outward to facilitate inspection and maintenance.文章配图22

4. There should be room for heat dissipation.

5. When storing and using resistors, the paint film on the surface of the resistors should be intact, so as not to reduce their moisture-proof performance.

6. When there is no suitable resistor to replace the resistor, the following principles should be observed:

① Use smaller resistance resistors in series instead of large resistance resistors, or use larger resistance resistors in parallel to replace small resistance resistors.

②When low-power resistors replace high-power resistors, series or parallel methods can be used. When the resistance values of the series and parallel low-power resistors are not equal, the power shared by them should be calculated so that the total power is greater than the rated power of the original resistor.

③Substitute resistors should follow the principles of high but not low, big but not small, that is, use high-quality resistors to replace the original low-quality resistors, and high-power resistors to replace low-power resistors.

7. When the resistance value of the resistor in the circuit needs to be measured, the resistance value should be measured under the condition of cutting off the power supply. Otherwise, the parallel resistance of other components in the circuit will cause misjudgment. Well, this issue ends here, if you want more little knowledge, please pay attention to Pingshang Technology!