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Classification of chip inductors

Source: Industry News Editor: PingShang Click: Release time: 2021-12-31 08:23:26

Classification of chip inductors

The chip inductor is a commonly used electronic component. When the current passes through the wire, a certain electromagnetic field is generated around the wire, and the induced electromotive force is generated in the wire in this electromagnetic field. We call this effect electromagnetic induction. In order to enhance electromagnetic induction, people often wind an insulated wire into a coil with a certain number of turns. We call this coil an inductor or inductor, or inductor for short.

Chip inductors, also known as power inductors, high current inductors and surface mount high power inductors. It has the characteristics of miniaturization, high quality, high energy storage and low resistance.文章配图30

There are four main types of chip inductors, wire-wound, laminated, woven and thin-film chip inductors.

Winding type

It is characterized by a wide range of inductance, high inductance accuracy, low loss, large allowable current, strong manufacturing process inheritance, simplicity, and low cost, but its shortcomings are limited in terms of further miniaturization.

Laminated type

It has good magnetic shielding, high sintered density and good mechanical strength. The disadvantages are low pass rate, high cost, small inductance, and low Q value.

Film chip

It has the characteristics of maintaining high Q, high precision, high stability and small size in the microwave frequency band. The internal electrodes are concentrated on the same layer, and the magnetic field distribution is concentrated, which can ensure that the device parameters after mounting do not change much, and show good frequency characteristics above 100MHz.


The characteristic is that the inductance per unit volume is larger than other chip inductors at 1MHz, the volume is small, and it is easy to install on the substrate. Used as a miniature magnetic component for power processing.

Chip inductors are mainly used in radio frequency and wireless communications, information technology equipment, radar detectors, automotive electronics, cellular phones, pagers, audio equipment, personal digital assistants, wireless remote control systems, and low-voltage power supply modules.