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What is a chip capacitor and what is its use

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What is a chip capacitor and what is its use

SMD capacitor is a kind of capacitor material. SMD capacitors are called: multilayer (multilayer, laminated) chip ceramic capacitors, also known as SMD capacitors, chip capacitors. There are two ways to express the chip capacitor, one is expressed in inches, and the other is expressed in millimeters. The parameters included in the naming of chip capacitors include the size of the chip capacitor, the material used to make the chip capacitor, the required accuracy, the required voltage, the required capacity, the requirements of the end and the requirements of packaging. Generally, the parameters that need to be provided for ordering SMD capacitors should have the size, the required accuracy, the voltage requirement, the capacity value, and the required brand.文章配图32

The chip capacitor is mainly used to eliminate the crosstalk of various high-frequency signals generated by the chip itself to other chips, so that each chip module can work normally without interference. In high-frequency electronic oscillation circuits, chip capacitors and crystal oscillators and other components form an oscillation circuit to provide various circuits with the required clock frequency.

The solid chip capacitor was first developed by the American Baylor Laboratory in 1956. It has excellent performance and is a product with a small volume and a larger capacitance among the capacitors. Chip capacitors have various shapes and are made into small and chip components suitable for surface mounting. Adapted to the current development of electronic technology automation and miniaturization. Although tantalum raw materials are scarce and chip capacitors are more expensive, a large number of high-capacity tantalum powders are used, coupled with the improvement and perfection of the capacitor manufacturing process, the chip capacitors have been developed rapidly, and the application range of chip capacitors has increased. Tantalum capacitors are not only used in military communications, aerospace and other fields, but also chip capacitors are widely used in industrial control, film and television equipment, communication instruments and other products.