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Classification method of chip capacitors

Source: Industry News Editor: PingShang Click: Release time: 2021-12-23 08:32:29

Classification method of chip capacitors

Classified by medium material

It is classified according to the media materials used, and is mainly divided into four types: organic media, inorganic media, electrolysis, and gas media.

Four classification methods of capacitors

(1) Organic dielectric capacitors: including paint film capacitors, mixed dielectric capacitors, paper dielectric capacitors, organic film dielectric capacitors, paper film composite dielectric capacitors, etc.

(2) Inorganic dielectric capacitors: including ceramic capacitors, mica capacitors, glass film capacitors, glass glaze capacitors, etc.

(3) Electrolytic capacitors: including aluminum electrolytic capacitors, tantalum electrolytic capacitors, niobium electrolytic capacitors, titanium electrolytic capacitors and alloy electrolytic capacitors.

(4) Gas dielectric capacitors: including air capacitors, vacuum capacitors and gas-filled capacitors.文章配图17

Classified by structure

Classified according to the structure of the capacitor and whether the capacitor can be adjusted, the main types of capacitors are: fixed capacitors, variable capacitors and semi-variable capacitors.

Classified by purpose

According to the various uses of capacitors, there are mainly: high-frequency capacitors, low-frequency capacitors, high-voltage capacitors, low-voltage capacitors, coupling capacitors, bypass capacitors, filter capacitors, neutralization capacitors, tuning capacitors, etc.

Sort by lead line

According to the different classification of the lead wires of the capacitors, there are mainly axial leaded capacitors, radial leaded capacitors, co-directional leaded capacitors and leadless (also called chip) capacitors, etc.

Classified by package shape

According to the different classifications of the packaging and shape of the capacitors, there are mainly cylindrical capacitors, wafer capacitors, tube capacitors, laminated capacitors, rectangular capacitors, bead capacitors, square capacitors and special-shaped capacitors.