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Schottky diode structure

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Schottky diode structure

Schottky diodes are very different from PN junction diodes in terms of structural principles. Its interior is composed of anode metal, silicon dioxide electric field elimination material, N-epitaxial layer, N-type silicon substrate, N+ cathode layer and cathode metal, etc. Composition, as shown in Figure 4-44. A Schottky barrier is formed between the N-type substrate and the anode metal. When a forward bias is applied to both ends of the Schottky barrier, the Schottky barrier layer becomes narrower and its internal resistance becomes smaller; on the contrary, if a reverse bias is applied to both ends of the Schottky barrier , The Schottky barrier layer becomes wider and its internal resistance becomes larger.文章配图28

Schottky diodes are divided into two types: leaded and chip-type packages. Schottky diodes with leaded packages are usually used as high-frequency high-current rectifier diodes, freewheeling diodes or protection diodes. It has two packaging forms: single-tube type and pair-tube type.

The Schottky diodes that adopt surface packaging have a variety of packaging forms such as single-tube, double-tube and triple-tube types.

The structure and characteristics of Schottky diodes make it suitable for high-frequency rectification in low-voltage and high-current output situations, detection and mixing at very high frequencies, and clamping in high-speed logic circuits. Schottky diodes are often used in ICs, like Schottky diodes. TTL integrated circuits have long become the mainstream of TTL circuits and are widely used in high-speed computers.

In addition to the characteristic parameters of ordinary PN junction diodes, the electrical parameters of Schottky diodes used for detection and mixing also include intermediate frequency impedance, voltage standing wave ratio and noise figure, etc.

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